About me πŸ‘‹

Hey, I'm Alexander

I made this tiny, cute website

Short intro

Isn't this awkward. I'm interviewing myself. I'll change up the questions so you could get a better sense of what and why am I doing this.

What's your exact idea behind "we-are"?

Three years ago an idea came up right after I left the hall of the design event I attended. "I enjoy meeting people in general. What if I interview the creatives that might not be the self-proclaimed 'famous' design gurus in our community but are as talented, dedicated and hardworking as all of the well know good designers around the world”. From then on my search began. I was lucky enough to meet great, hard working, humble creators/makers from Bulgaria and around the world. So I thought "Maybe it would be nice if everyone who’s interested could be able to virtually meet them as well".

What were the challenges you encountered in the creation of "we-are"?

Self-doubt. Even though the feedback I got for this project was overwhelmingly positive I still thought I wouldn't be able to ship it. The other thing was finding the balance in the questions. I wanted them to be thought-provoking, yet easy and pleasant for the interviewees. That took a while.

Can you tell us more about yourself?

Sure thing, Alex. πŸ‘ˆπŸ‘ˆ 😎 My name is Alexander Traykov and I'm born raised and based in Sofia, Bulgaria. I get inspired the most by product design, but I'm focusing on digital product design. My other interests (outside of work) are martial arts, mindfulness and cognitive psychology (gatekeepers beware, I enjoy reading about our brain, yet I'm no scientist, don't crucify me). Oh and I've got a thing about tiny cute animals, they just melts my heart.

What are you trying to achieve with a project like this?

I try to raise awareness for the people that I feature here. Nothing more, nothing less. I'm working on another project with the lovely Fill & Stroke team, where we organize both design events and design battles in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Where can I get more info about you?

You can follow me on my socials - that'd be lovely

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