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Pedro Gil

Digital Designer

Gil Huybrecht
Web/UI Designer
Zach Hill
Design Strategist at Toi
Anfisa Bogomolova
Freelance UX & Product Designer
Luis Ouriach
Designer, front-ender and writer. Creator of 8px magazine.
Denislav Jeliazkov
Self taught designer working at Toptal
Boris Borisov
Motion & Product Designer
Tsvetislava Koleva
Papercraft artist/Graphic designer working for Studio FourPlus.
Alex Tokmakchiev
Multidisciplinary Designer working for PuzlCowOrKing.
Lobster Studio
Lobster is an animation studio with focus on strong concepts and minimalistic design.
Alex Tsanev
Independent designer specialized in Branding and Logo design.
Boris Kirov
Motion Design Artist & Photographer. Working as UX Producer at Despark.
Kalina Ivanova
Product designer & illustrator at Spacefarm. Loves her cats, mountains, sci fi, comics and overanalyzing.
Diana Stoyanova
Product illustrator & character designer at FourPlus. Movie junkie with passion for cartoon aestethics.
Stefan Vladimirov
Chief Creative at Swipes. Loves order and beauty. Always striving to achieve the balance between function and aesthetics.
Borislava & Mihaela Karadzhovi
This iconic illustrative duo is radiating their creative spirit whenever you get in touch with their work.
Kristjan Vool
Freelance Front-End Developer. Focuses on creative-development, animations, micro-interactions and UX thinking.
Nanda Mentesheva
Graphic designer at Enthusiasm. Trying to bring creative solutions and joyful atmosphere to the teams she's working with.